Unlike the traditional night guard, Sporting Smiles mouthguards are designed to fit snugly over your teeth. These guards are 3 millimeters thick and made of clear, dense plastic. They are made to protect against heavy grinding, but they can also be adjusted to prevent bruxism. Customers are generally satisfied with their purchase. The company uses a certified lab technician to craft their guards, and they even offer a satisfaction guarantee.

While dentist-made guards can be expensive, Sporting Smiles are an affordable alternative. The company also offers a free impression kit to ensure that the guard fits properly. Once you place your order, you will receive a mold kit. This molding kit is easy to use and comes with simple instructions. Once you’ve received your mold, simply follow the instructions to complete the process. The company will even send you a video to help you get started.

Sporting Smiles mouth guards are available for a reasonable price. They are made with medical grade thermoplastic and shipped free of charge. Their nightguards can be worn all day long as well, and they’re comfortable enough to sleep with overnight. You can also use them during the day and protect your teeth throughout the day. There’s no need to get an expensive nightguard, as you’ll be sleeping with it all night.

When it comes to affordability, Sporting Smiles night guards are a great option. The company is also very competitively priced, and if you’re not satisfied with your initial purchase, you’ll get a free replacement impression kit. These mouth guards are the best solution for severe teeth grinding. You can get them online for a low price. They’re comfortable, and they protect your teeth at night.

The company offers various nightguards for sleeping at a competitive price. The company also offers a free impression kit if you don’t like the first one. Additionally, its prices are competitive, and they offer free replacements. There are many reasons why people need to sleep with a mouth guard. Some of the main reasons are the constant grinding of the teeth while sleeping, stress, or addiction. With these devices, you can sleep peacefully and avoid these problems for good.

The company provides many different types of night guards for sleeping, including those for grinding teeth. There are night guards made of durable, high-quality materials. The company also offers a free impression kit and guarantees that it will fit you correctly. Regardless of your reason for needing a nightguard, Sporting Smiles makes them available at a reasonable price. So, if you suffer from bruxism or are worried about your teeth grinding, you can rest easy knowing that your new night guard will make your teeth look better.

For people who are worried about the durability of night guards for sleeping, Sporting Smiles nightguards are an affordable and effective solution to their teeth grinding problem. Their nightguards are made from high-quality materials and patented to prevent bruxism. They will not only protect your teeth at night, but will help you sleep more comfortably and happily in the morning. They are also a great investment for the health of your mouth.

Apart from nightguards, Sporting Smiles also offers whitening trays, retainers, and teeth-grinding mouthguards. These custom-made teeth products can help you keep your teeth healthy and fresh. They can prevent grinding, and relieve jaw tension. They can also help you improve your sleep quality by protecting your teeth. They are available at a reasonable price and can be purchased online or at a local dental clinic.

A Sporting Smiles nightguard is the perfect solution for those who suffer from bruxism. This condition is often caused by stress, medication, or substance abuse. Wearing a nightguard can prevent teeth grinding while you sleep. The nightguard provides a protective barrier around your teeth. It can also prevent teeth grinding. These products can help prevent frequent headaches and jaw tension. When you are prone to bruxism, it is important to get a good night’s sleep.

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